The ability to add and/or import Leads easily helps you keep all of your customer and prospect information in one place and available using the Prosperna web and mobile app.

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There are 3 ways to add and/or import Leads into  Prosperna.

METHOD 1: Automatically Sync Your Gmail Contacts

  1. Click your round  Profile icon in the upper-right corner

  2. Select  Account Settings

  3. Click  Connected Accounts

  4. Select the  Refresh Button next to your  Gmail Account
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      5. Select the appropriate  Gmail Account that you want your contacts to be uploaded from.
    NOTE: You can sync your contacts from multiple Gmail Accounts so that you can manage as many contacts in Prosperna as your Subscription Plan allows.
Add a New Lead One at a Time

  1. Click on the + Sign button and select  Add New Lead
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     2. Insert data into as many of the fields as possible. Email is the only required field (as it is used
         as the unique identifier of the Lead Record in the entire system). 

     3. Click  Save.

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Upload Leads via an Excel or CSV File

      1. To make this process easy, you can upload an Excel or .CSV file in any format of columns. Or,
          as a best practice, you can insert your leads into our suggested file template here:


NOTE: For contact phone numbers that starts with zero (0), add apostrophe before zero, i.e., '0 to ensure that 0 will be captured once the CSV file is uploaded.

      2. Click on the + Sign button and select  Import Lead

     3. Click on  Choose File and select the correct Xcel or .CSV file from your hard drive and
         select  Start This Import. 

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     4. Select the  Column Names from your Excel or .CSV file on the right that you want mapped into
         the  Prosperna Fields on the left column. If there's a  Prosperna Field that you do  NOT have any
         information on for a  Column Name inside your Excel or .CSV, then select  Leave Blank from
         the dropdown pick list.
NOTE: As a "best practice", you can ONLY upload a maximum of 800 leads per batch.
         But you can upload as many batches as you can based on the limits of your subscription plan.
         Click on the button  START THIS IMPORT.

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