Prosperna's  SMS Text Message Templates are a great way to save time and create a consistent sales and marketing process. By creating SMS Text Message Templates, you won't need to re-type repetitive text messages and use them for sending both 1-on-1 and mass text messages.

Creating SMS Text Message Templates

  1. Click on the  Communications tab at the top of the Prosperna App.
  2. Select  SMS Management. 3. Either select  Add New Category or select the  "Plus" (+) sign next an existing  SMS Text Message Category.
4. Enter a  Name and the  Content of the text message.
5. Click  Save.

NOTE: Please note that SMS Text Message template has a maximum of 160 characters only (including spaces). In the event that your message is over 160 characters, your message will be broken up into separate SMS message parts. 

Prosperna SMS has the ability to send messages that are up to 3,200 characters long but not all carriers do. It is best practice to ensure that the message does not exceed 6 SMS parts.