When accessing Prosperna on your browser, the page might load differently or takes time to load. The words are scattered all over the page and the pictures load halfway or not at all. This can usually be resolved with a “hard refresh.”

The purpose of a hard refresh is to clear the browser cache. Your browser cache is where data from the internet is downloaded to your computer in order to load it faster next time it’s accessed again. The cache is cleared for the purpose of emptying the downloaded data, so after the “refresh” the data is downloaded once again. 

To do a hard refresh, follow the steps below:

For Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Microsoft Edge browsers

On a Windows/Linux device

1. hold the CTRL button and click “R” (reload) key or;
2. hold the CTRL button and click the F5 button.

On a Mac/iOS device

1. hold down the ⌘ (Cmd) key and SHIFT key, and then press the “R” button.