1. Log in to your Prosperna CRM account.
2. Click “Landing Pages” on the Menu bar.
3. Choose “Edit Existing” on the dropdown.
4. Click “Edit” button of the Landing Page that you want to upload the video to.
5. Choose where you want to upload your video. NOTE: Only “Property” or “Community” tab can accommodate video.

6. Tick the “Video” radio button of the container you want to upload the video to. NOTE: Default value is “Image”.

7. Open the file video source (Youtube or Vimeo).
8. Right-click on the video and choose “Copy embed code”.

9. Go back to the CRM and paste the embed code on the provided field.
10. Click “Review” icon/tab.
11. At the very bottom where you can see the “Publish or Edit Your Landing Page” strip, click the “Continue” button.
12. On the confirmation pop-up, click “Update Changes” to effect the update.
13. You will get rerouted to your Landing Pages list, click on “Preview” button to see if the page has been updated with your video content.