At Prosperna, we listen to customer feedback and monitor system performance to ensure that we deliver a great product. 

What's most exciting about this release of our new product enhancements is that it is due to the growth of adding new customers and adoption of existing customers to use the Prosperna app more. 

As we get more customers and more feedback, we'll continue to invest into more research and development, new features and system enhancements to create better real estate software and improve your customer experience. 

We're super excited to make the following announcements about some of our NEW PRODUCT ENHANCEMENTS on Friday, August 10, 2018:
  1. We've doubled the capacity of our software application servers to increase system speed and page refresh times. We went from 1 Virtual Private Server with 2GB of Memory and 40GB of SSD Disk space to 2 Virtual Private Servers with 4GB of Memory and 40GB of SSD Disk space.
  2. For our email servers, we've upgraded to PREMIUM level servers that will improve email send time, deliverability and monitoring.
Please note, at times of system upgrades, other features may be impacted so in case you encounter any issues, please send us a support ticket to:

Thank you for your continued business and support!